Where there is a road, there is Iterchimica. Select below the type of products of interest to see the detailed information and data sheets.

Protective Treatment of Bituminous Pavements


“Antikerosene” surface treatment for protection of the mixes from the solvent action of fuels and | or oils in general.

Antismog Additive


Innovative antismog product, which allows the catalysis of the most dangerous polluting agents coming from the emissions of engines (such as NOx), reducing the dangerous effects. Reduces the atmospheric pollution.

Antikerosene in the Mass of Asphalt Mixes


Production of asphalt concrete resistant to the solvent action of fuels and oils in general in the mass.

Additional Additives for Bituminous Emulsions


Thixotropic agents with high stability. Used to increase the density of the emulsions.

Detergents for Mix Encrustations


Products for cleaning: -anti-sticking substances -detergents.

Surface Treatments


Special protection and roughening treatments, made with epoxy resins. Bituminous mastics for the treatment of mix’s cracking.

Deodorizing Additive


Deodorizing additive for bitumen. It’s a product based on essential oils, whose mixture is able to eliminate the smell of hot bitumen. It’s effective against organic and inorganics smells, it is not toxic and it’s biodegradable. It’scertified by US authorities EPA and USDA.

Soil Stabilization with Organic and Inorganic Products


Ecological systems and technologies with low environmental impact for white pavements. Improve the stabilization of clayey or arid soils, treated with cement and lime, increasing their mechanical properties.

Oxides for Mixes


The oxides are used for the coloring of bituminous mix in the mass.

Clear Binders


The synthetic clear binders replace the bitumen allowing the coloring in the mass of the mixes, in all color variations.

Colorings - Urban Design


Surface colorings for road paving, available in all color variations.

Pmb (polymer modified bitumen) stabilizers


Used to stabilize bitumen-polymer mixtures (modified bitumen) increasing the polymerization of SBS. Avoid the separation of polymer from bitumen in the storage tank.

Chemical Modifiers for Bitumen


Allow to reach performances comparable to those obtained with normal elastomers through a chemical and not physical interaction, affecting the parameters of Ring and Ball and penetration, without changing the visco-elastic characteristics of bitumen.

Polymers for Bitumen


Modify the physical structure of bitumen. Improve the characteristics (Ring and Ball, penetration, Spring back, Fraass). Used for the realization of open, semi-open or closed mixes with high performance properties.

Multifunctional Compound for the Modification of Mixes


Customizable compound of structural modifiers (e.g. polymers and fibers). Modify the physical structure of the mix, improving its performance properties. Used for the modification of the mix in open, semi-open and closed asphalt mixes, with high performance properties. The compound are supplied with suitable dosing plants.

Copolymers for Mixes Modification


Modify the physical structure of the mix, improving its performance properties. Used for the modification of mix in the realization of open, semi-open and closed asphalt mixes, with high performance properties. The copolymers are supplied with suitable dosing plants.

Cellulose Fibers Natural – Mineral - Synthetic Reinforce and Thicken the Bitumen


The fibers are used as thickeners in improved paving, where a high percentage of bitumen is required. The fibers are supplied with suitable dosing plants.

Synthetic Latex


Modify the physical characteristics of bitumen, improving the performance properties.

Bituminous Emulsions


Traditional - Special - Transparent. Traditional and special emulsions for the realization of tack coat, impregnating emulsions, cold recycling, slurry-seal, single-double layer, cold mixes.

Surface active anionic, Cationic and non-ionic Emulsifiers


Surface-active emulsifiers for production of standard and special bitumen emulsions. Used for tack coat, cold recycling, slurry-seal, single-double layer, bituminous pastes.

Packed cold mix


Ready to be used. Plastic cold asphalt concrete for road maintenance, produced with ecological flux oils.

Ecological Flux Oils


Ecological flux oils are plasticizers of vegetable nature for cold asphalt’s production. 100% Vegetable formulation.

Traditional Flux Oils


Modify the physical structure of bitumen. Modify the physical structure of bitumen, lowering the viscosity and giving to the mix a workability lasting in time.

Additive for Warm Mixes


Reduce the working temperatures of asphalt concrete during the production and laying phase, contribute to reduce emissions in the atmosphere. For high concentrations of RAP Additives for warm mixes which, besides reducing the production temperature, allow to use high percentages of RAP.

Special Cold Binders


For the production of mixes for road maintenance. 100% RAP Allow the production of plastic and workable cold asphalt mix, using 100% RAP.

Rejuvenators for Hot Mixes


Modify the chemical and physical structure of aged bitumen. Modify the chemical and physical structure of aged bitumen and reduce the stiffness of new courses produced with RAP. Improve adhesion between aggregate and bitumen, the wettability and the workability.

Anti Stripping Agents


Modify the chemical structure of bitumen. They are complex chemicals that guarantee a perfect adhesion of the bitumen film on the aggregate surface. Oppose the disgregating action of water, they increase the wettability of bitumen, the resistance to the mechanical and cyclic strains. Increase the durability of bituminous mixtures, guarantee resistance, allow to extend the production- to-lay times, easing the compaction.